GTA 6 Latest Update And Features Leaked

Last Update 16,March 2022
Have you been waiting for GTA 6 for a long time? Rockstar Games developer has given the latest update about it. Now the trailer of this game can be seen soon. And with this we will also get to see advanced features in this game.

Gta 6 update and latest news
(Image credit: Rockstar)

If you are reading this post i.e. you are also a fan of GTA series like me and you also want to play or play. Rockstar has made us wait a lot for GTA 6 this time, we had forgotten it and it seemed that now this game will not come but this time finally rockstar developer confirmed that work is still going on GTA 6 And it is in active development, yes you will be very happy to hear that rockstar people have also told this from their twitter handle, so it is sure that GTA series is not stopped yet, it is still being worked on. We hope that We will see the next part of the GTA series very soon. Although Rockstar has not confirmed that the name of the next game in the GTA series will be gta 6, its name may be different but we can take it with gta 6 for now.

What's New Features In GTA 6?

Rockstar Games has told the official that they are taking so long for GTA 6 that they want to make many better than their previous games and this leak has surfaced from multiple platforms. That in this game we can also get to see Vice City Map. And it has been told that the developing map will also be seen, apart from this leak is also coming that dynamic character progress, realistic environment, new characters will also be seen in this game. And Rockstar recently filed a patent in April 2019 for an NPC character, named "System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment," that specifically allows movement to interact with the daily routine and behavior of an NPC player. makes it realistic. Hardware software as well as advanced AI will be used to help the NPC player react differently. Apart from this, it is being told that the story line of the game will be much better than gta 5, for more information related to this, we are giving you the link below, you can also see that.